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Plumbing, Leak Location and Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Replacement in Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto and Austin

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GOT water LEAKS? want a tankless water heater? Cast Iron sewer pipe Deteriorating in your older home?

We are your specialists for diagnosis and repair. A family-owned and locally run business, The Plumbinator plumbers are tankless water heater, leak detection and cast iron sewer replacement specialists in Austin, Round Rock, Hutto, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Georgetown. We have experienced plumbers ready to serve you, no matter what your plumbing problem.

Was your house built 1950-1986? You may have a ticking time bomb under your slab in the form of cast iron sewer pipe. You definitely need to consider replacing the cast iron sewer pipe on your older Austin home, before it floods your house with sewage! Call or click for more information.

We Offer Free Estimates. How Does the Process Work?

Step 1: Call 512-786-1771. Tell us what's going on with your plumbing.

Step 2: Make an appointment for our plumber to come out for a free estimate.

Step 3: Our plumbers will look at your problem and give you a written estimate. Estimates are written per job, not per hour.

Step 4: If you accept the estimate, sometimes they can fix it right away, other times we may have to schedule a time to come back. If you do not accept the estimate, our plumbers will leave and you owe nothing.

Are there any exceptions to the free estimate offer?

  • Free estimates apply to visual inspection of your problem. If we are unable to assess the problem without taking out tools, we would need to write an estimate from that point on.
  • Leak location/detection is a specialist service and is charged separately, per hour. We do not offer free estimates for leak location. More info about leak location here.

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Replacement

House built 1950-1986? Your cast iron sewer pipe will need to be replaced soon!

Plumbing Repair and Natural Gas


If your water lines break, or you need gas set up to an outdoor kitchen or fire pit, call us.

Leak Location


We specialize in slab leaks, use the best equipment, and find your yard and gas leaks too!

Water Heaters


Old water heater? Replace it! Thinking about a tankless? We're Navien experts.
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Plumbing, Leak Location and

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Replacement Specialists in Austin and Round Rock

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