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Plumbing, Leak Location, Water Heaters and Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Replacement in Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, and Austin

* Do you smell raw sewage in your house or yard? You may have a sewage leak instead. 
* Was your house was built 1950-1986 AND you smell raw sewage? You probably have cast iron sewer pipes deteriorating. 
* Just found out you have Kitec water pipes? Or not sure if you have Kitec, but the house was built 1995-2008 and has major water leaks?

   Learn more about Kitec and how we can help!

Top down view of a man wearing earphones looking at the screen of a leak locator in his right hand with the number 108 on it. In his left hand, he's holding the stick of the locating wand.
The Master Plumber holds an orange leak location device, leaning over to lower it into a hole in the yard. The beeps will tell him if the leak is in that spot. The Plumbinator truck is in the background with the door open
Photo of the master plumber wearing earphones and using a special tool that looks like a metal stick to listen for leaks in a hosebib outside a house
A Plumbinator plumber sits on the floor in front of a hole in the wall just big enough for his hands plus a bit more, performing "keyhole surgery" on a leak


Step 1: Make an appointment for us to bring our high-tech equipment out to pinpoint the source of the leak by filling in the Leak Location Request Form or by calling 512-786-1771. Leak location costs $400 for the first 90 minutes and $150 per hour after that. We find 95% of leaks within the first 90 minutes.

Step 2: Our plumber will show you the exact location of the leak, discuss your options for repair or reroute of the pipes, and write you an estimate to fix the leak. The estimate will be a "per job" price, not an hourly rate. It is separate from the leak location hourly fee above.

Step 3: If you accept the price on the estimate, sometimes the leak can be fixed that day, other times we'll set up an appointment with you to come back in a day or two to fix it.

Leak Location Request Form

Got Leaks? We Are Water Leak Location and Repair Experts in Austin

We use minimally invasive, high-tech equipment to pinpoint your leak quickly, and FIX IT without destroying your house or yard

High Water Bill?   Wet Spots in the House or Yard?   Mystery Leak Other Plumbers Can't Find?


When you've got a water leak, you want it found and fixed, fast. Most leak detection specialty companies only find the leak and then leave you hanging. The Plumbinator is your one-stop-shop to find AND fix the leak, without tearing up your house or yard! We have seven different pieces of expensive, specialized equipment that other plumbers don't have. These enable us to pinpoint the source of the leak, so we can perform minimally invasive "keyhole surgery" on your leak. Our estimates are also often lower than other plumbers because we have the knowledge to be able to re-route your pipes around the leak, rather than tearing all the old pipe out of your walls. Wondering how our equipment works? Click here.