Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Replacement for Older Homes in Austin

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Was your Austin-area house built 1950-1986?
Then you likely have a ticking time bomb under your slab in the form of cast iron sewer pipe. All cast iron sewer pipe will need to be completely replaced before your house turns 50 years old. If your house was built 1950-1969, it's already time to replace before your house is flooded with sewage! Houses built in the 1970s will need complete replacement in the next 10 years. 
It's not a question of IF, it's a question of WHEN.

Cast iron sewer pipe only lasts 50 years before it deteriorates beyond repair and starts leaking raw sewage into your yard or living room. If you have an older house in Austin, call us to come out and do an inspection and estimate for $250 flat for time and expertise. We'll let you know if you can wait a few years, or if the pipes are already starting to leak sewage into your yard or house.

Why completely replace, not just 
repair the pipe as needed?
Each repair causes the cast iron on either side of the break to turn into TWO new leaks later, as the weakened metal deteriorates from repeatedly coming into contact with the sewage running through it. The thousands you spend for fixes will be only stopgaps, and will actually make the situation worse. You'll end up paying over and over for fixes until you finally have to completely replace the system anyway. Save money and get out ahead of the problem by replacing all of your cast iron sewer pipes at once, before they turn 50 years old.

Should I line my pipes with epoxy instead? NO. You'll end up having to replace them anyway. Read more here to see why lining your pipes is not a solution. 

The Plumbinator Round Rock 
plumbers are experts in cast iron sewer replacement! We partner with the best excavators in Austin who will quickly tunnel under the house, with minimal damage to
 your floors, and then we'll expertly replace your whole sewer system.

Call now for an inspection and estimate!